About Damietta Steel

Damietta Steel is a pioneer in the industries of construction and steel in Egypt and internationally. Established in 2010, Damietta Steel has dealt with numerous companies across various industries with requirements for high-standards of steel and aluminum as well as various other materials. 

Founded by a businessman with an already established knowledge of the industry, Damietta Steel has earned the trust of a long line of associates due to its close observation of their requirements and requests to the most minute-level. 

At Damietta Steel, we take pride in our high standards and our abilities to match any quantities required of us made ready for transportation and shipping at the best prices that could be found for such high-quality materials. Damietta Steel’s close observation of both international and local standards is one of our points of pride, as we have met them to an excellent level as confirmed by both the rigorous checks and testing we conduct as well as the satisfaction of our clients. By choosing Damietta Steel you choose experience, quality, affordability and peace of mind.

Mowafak El Dawakhly                  

Founder and CEO
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